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folding bikes

Ultra Compact

Helix is the most compact folding bike in the world. With 24" wheels it folds even smaller than most bikes with 16" and 20" wheels.

Titanium Frame

Helix has a full titanium frame and locking mechanism making it extremely durable and lightweight.

Easy to Use

Helix is intuitive to fold, rolls and stands when folded and has multiple built-in safety mechanisms.

Big Wheels

Helix has 24" wheels offering a smoother ride, better visibility and confidence anywhere you go.


Starting at just 19 lbs Helix is the lightest folding bike in its class making it easy to lift and carry.

High Performance

With big wheels, a one-piece titanium frame, rigid locking mechanisms and the industry's best components, Helix rides like no other folding bike.

Better Ride

Helix rides like a real bike.


Helix's one-piece frame has no hinges so it will never creak or flex when pedaling.


Helix is compatible with industry standard components including disc brakes and wide range cassettes.

Locking Mechanism

Helix has a patented locking mechanism that is fully rigid, never wears or needs adjustment and has multiple safety features.


Helix uses removable dropouts for complete flexibility in drivetrain options ranging from single speed, derailleur, internal gear hub and electric.

Cable Path

Helix has a smooth and flowing cable path for precise shifting and braking.


Helix has mounting points for a full range of accessories making Helix a complete solution for traveling, commuting, touring and more.

Better Fold

Helix is the most innovative folding bike in the world.

Helical Hinges

Helix's patented helical hinges make for the smallest fold possible putting the frame between the wheels and the crankset. A more compact bike is not possible.


Helix's patented sliding seatpost makes helix fold even smaller while extending the range of riding positions.

when folded

Helix does not need to be carried. It rolls on its front wheel when folded.

when folded

Helix conveniently stands on its own when folded.

when folded

Helix stays locked together when folded so it can be rolled and lifted with ease.


Helix uses a patented chain guide to prevent the chain from dropping when unfolding.

Take it with you everywhere





Made in Canada

Helix is the only bike ever to be robotically welded in an argon chamber. We control every parameter of the process, right down to temperature and humidity, making Helix the best welded titanium bike in the world.

Helix has 27 titanium CNC machined parts. These parts are made on our multi-axis mills and lathes. CNC machining allows for lighter and stronger parts compared to other processes such as casting.

Helix's tubes are precision cut on our multi-axis laser making the complex frame geometry possible. Micron tolerances ensure precise welding and frame alignment.

Helix uses the best materials available in manufacturing delivering quality at the highest level.

Titanium is the foundation of Helix's design. Helix uses titanium for the entire frame including the main triangle, swingarm, fork and internal locking mechanisms. Titanium is durable, impact resistant, fatigue tolerant and will never corrode. A titanium frame can last forever.


Helix comes in standard and ultralight specs with single speed, derailleur and internal gear hub drivetrain options.Learn More


Helix is compatible with the widest range of accessories on the market. Learn More


Helix uses standard bicycle components and can be upgraded and modified to suit your specific needs. Learn More

Tires - Helix is compatible with a range of 24" tires (ERTRO 507) with over 15 different tires available from race to MTB.

Saddle - Helix is compatible with all standard saddles including steel, titanium and carbon rails.

Grips - Helix uses an industry standard handlebar for compatibility with all types of grips.

Stem - The stem can be changed to any length and angle and is compatible with suspension and adjustable types.

Handlebars - Helix is compatibile with any type of handlebar including mtb, road, cruiser, triathlon and others.

Pedals - Helix is compatible with all industry standard pedals including flat, caged and clipless.

Gearing - Helix is compatible with most 1x drivetrains including Shimano, Sram and others. Cassette range: 9-42t and chainring 32-46t.

Drivetrain - Helix uses removable dropouts to facilitate drivetrain changes with support for both thru-axle and solid axle.


Available Q3 2022


At 25lbs, Helix electric will be one of the lightest electric bikes on the market at any price point.

Quick Release Battery

Quick release battery allows for flexibility in travel. 8-12 hour pedal assist time with optional frame mount battery for an extra 3-4 hours.


Helix uses industry standard Bafang rear wheel drive system which is not tied to the frame. Easily upgrade as technology evolves.

11 Speed

Industry standard Shimano Deore 11 speed drivetrain for maximum range.

Helix Around The World

Helix has sold in over 40 countries worldwide

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