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Helix is a bicycle manufacturer in Toronto, Canada. They make the world's most advanced folding bikes using innovative design, the best materials and state of the art manufacturing processes.

Helix was founded in 2015 and was initially funded on Kickstarter where it became one of the most successful campaigns in Kickstarter history raising over 2.2 million dollars.

Helix went on to create a state of the art manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada. They developed the world's first fully automated robotic TIG welding process for bicycles, resulting in the best welded titanium bikes on the planet. Helix also makes extensive use of titanium CNC machining for their frame and locking mechanisms. They are also the first bicycle manufacturer to use laser cutting for titanium; they use a multi-axis laser to cut Helix's complex tube geometries. Together these processes set Helix apart from conventional bicycle manufacturers and establish a new standard in titanium bicycle manufacturing.

In 2018 Helix delivered its first bikes and in 2021 released an Ultralight build featuring the industry's best components including Shimano Dura-Ace derailleur, Sram XX1 Eagle crankset, Formula Cura XC hydraulic brakes and more, bringing the weight of Helix to just 19 pounds.

In 2022 Helix will roll out a complete line of accessories including mudguards, racks, trailer and a travel case. An electric assisted version of Helix weighing only 25lbs will also be released in the Fall of 2022.

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