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Helix is changing the perception of folding bikes.

Helix has a revolutionary design using patented helical hinges for the smallest fold possible putting the frame between the wheels and the crankset. A more compact bicycle is not possible. In addition, Helix has big wheels, a titanium frame and is compatible with industry standard bicycle components. It looks, rides and feels like a real bike, yet it folds smaller than most small wheeled bikes.

Helix is the new standard in folding bikes.

It has a one piece hinge free frame that won't flex or creak when pedaling. It has a revolutionary locking mechanism that is fully rigid, never wears or needs adjustment and has multiple safety features. Unlike other folding bikes, the locking mechanisms do not use the hinge for support; Helix's internal locks clamp evenly in 360 degrees and integrate seamlessly into the design.

Most folding bikes never get folded. They are cumbersome to fold, are heavy, don't fold very small and are inconvenient to manage when folded. Helix was designed to overcome all of these flaws. Helix is intuitive to fold, stands when folded and rolls when folded so you won't have to lift it. It stays locked together when folded so it can be rolled and lifted with ease. Helix's titanium frame is lightweight, durable and highly corrosion resistant. Helix has a patented sliding seatpost to make it even more compact while extending the range of riding positions.

Helix is compatible with industry standard components including disc brakes and wide range cassettes. It uses removable dropouts for complete flexibility in drivetrain options ranging from single speed, derailleur, internal gear hub and electric.

Helix is made in Canada using a state of the art manufacturing process. Their titanium frames are robotically TIG welded in an inert argon chamber at less than 1ppm oxygen. Their robotic welding system controls every detail of the weld process from power and speed to temperature and humidity.

Helix is made with 27 titanium parts CNC machined from solid titanium. This level of engineering and quality is unparalleled in the bicycle industry.

In 2022 Helix will release a full range of accessories including mud-guards, racks, trailers, travel cases and more.

Helix is the future of folding bikes, join them on this exciting ride!


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