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Helix just released an Ultralight build featuring the industry's best components including lighweight wheelset, hydraulic brakes, lighter crankset and for derailleur models a lighter drivetrain with 11 speeds. The highlights include Shimano Dura-Ace derailleur, Sram XX1 Eagle crankset, Formula Cura XC hydraulic brakes and more, bringing the starting weight of Helix to just 19 pounds.

The component set offers a weight reduction of just over 4lbs and is an upgrade for anyone looking for the industry's best components that are also lighter weight.

Drivetrain Weight
11 speed derailleur 20.3 lbs (9.210 kg)
Alfine 11 23.0 lbs (10.443 kg)
1 speed 19.6 lbs (8.913 kg)


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